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Roughhausen Mixes and... Posted by roughhausen (2010/3/28)
Serum Fantis, a Houston Texas ambient noize outfit has put the sophomore LP into the hands of RH for some sonic sprinkles...

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Assholes, fukwads, twits and general wastes of oxygen.
Come one come all the retard rodeo is in town.
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Asshole of the Month : Know it all cunts and the smart phones that wreck them
Posted by roughhausen on 2012/8/5 12:20:00 (1729 reads)
Asshole of the Month

A while back I was on tour and we were unfortunate enough to be sharing this part of the tour with a band of utter douchebags, I mean the kind of fuckwads you kick out of a drunken house party...

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Asshole of the Month : Go big or go Home
Posted by roughhausen on 2011/4/10 18:30:20 (5800 reads)

"Dong Fan: When you are 40-years-old, if you donít have 40 million in assets, donít come see me, and donít say you were my student either"

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Asshole of the Month : Anatomy of a Fuckbag
Posted by roughhausen on 2010/7/20 1:50:00 (10255 reads)
Asshole of the Month

Anatomy of a Fuckbag (the art of the assfuck, something for nothing)

The following is an exchange that took place between RoughCUTS productions and a promoter label who had contacted us asking us to take part in their compilation CD

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Asshole of the Month : 
Posted by roughhausen on 2010/5/11 23:10:00 (3728 reads)
Asshole of the Month

One would have thought the days of the morbidly rich making those kinds of statements publicly was gone. Considering how they have historically been recieved, most uber-rich pricks have learned to hide that kind of contempt for the rest of human sea that crashes against the rocks of their wealth.

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Asshole of the Month : Suprise Bitches
Posted by roughhausen on 2010/3/10 23:27:33 (1479 reads)
Asshole of the Month

US anti-gay rights senator Roy Ashburn comes out.

A conservative US state senator who has voted against gay rights measures during his 14 years in office has announced he is gay.

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