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Roughhausen Mixes and... Posted by roughhausen (2010/3/28)
Serum Fantis, a Houston Texas ambient noize outfit has put the sophomore LP into the hands of RH for some sonic sprinkles...

Biographical : Oh The Humanitry
Posted by roughhausen on 2012/8/25 19:40:00 (1275 reads) News by the same author

During a DJ set I was playing a drunk party slut stumbles up to the table, bumps into booth, spills a drink and then says...

~ are you gonna keep playing this metal shit all night or are you gonna play something I can dance to?

~ oh really, what would you like to hear then?

~ something I can dance to, not this ministry stuff (it was Propellerheads ! :O)

~ such as? give me a name..

~ I don't know somthin' I can dance to

~ like what? I need a name, what song? what artist?

~ just not this. I want to dance, can't you play something I can dance to?

~ you come up here to complain about my set and you can't even come up with the name of a song you want to hear? How about you go fuck yourself and the no-name-fuck-ass horse you came in on?

~ You can't talk to me like that.

~ I think I just did, now fuck off

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 Re: Oh The Humanitry
very funny :)
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