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Roughhausen Mixes and... Posted by roughhausen (2010/3/28)
Serum Fantis, a Houston Texas ambient noize outfit has put the sophomore LP into the hands of RH for some sonic sprinkles...

Asshole of the Month : Know it all cunts and the smart phones that wreck them
Posted by roughhausen on 2012/8/5 12:20:00 (1783 reads) News by the same author
Asshole of the Month

A while back I was on tour and we were unfortunate enough to be sharing this part of the tour with a band of utter douchebags, I mean the kind of fuckwads you kick out of a drunken house party...

just cuz they are such pretentious whining shitheads, every word out of their mouth deserves a bitch slap or kick in the self-aggrandizing teeth.. you know the type.

"The world owes me cuz I'm fabulous and all you stupids cunts are too fucking dumb to see it..." you know the type.

At this particular show I was standing at the merch table watching the twat de jour argue with a customer as to whether or not the band's "new limited edition posters" were actually just retooled versions of images by famous artists mixed with temple carvings and details from Hindu texts like the Bhagavad Gita, a unique combination, but nonetheless still a reworked version of the originals.

I stood there and watched the debate heat up as the merch bitch started to get pissy and offended that anyone would dare tell him where the images came from, the customer remained cool, collected and insistent that he was in fact correct and the images were borrowed from the previously mentioned sources.

The customer knew his shit, just the fact that he busted out the names of the Bhagavad Gita and both artists in questions on the spot should have been a clue to the merch bitchboy that this guy was probably a well informed individual who actually knew what the fuck he was talking about.. Sissy pants however was far too in love with himself and the slightly vainglorious sense of self importance he managed to glean from his stint as an unpaid intern on a half-assed tour for a band way past in date of relevance.. in short he was a twat of the first order and nobody was gonna tell him nuthin' bout nuthin' cuz he knew more better.

At this point the customer looked over at me standing at my merch table and I smiled and gave him the "go for it dude" head nod, he turned back to sissy face pulled out his smart phone and within ten seconds had the pictures of the original works in question on his screen in full glorious in your face be'atch technicolor.

The merch guy looked at the screen, got red in the face and then looked away, the customer was not finished yet, he said and I quote..

"you know I was going to buy one of those posters and some other stuff from you guys, but you have been such an arrogant asshole to deal with I can not in good form support you or a band that has people like you working for them. thanks for ruining our night asshole..."


after the customer walked away in disgust the merch twat looks aver at me and says, "can you believe that asshole... Who the fuck does he think he is telling me about the poster ?"

I remember thinking at the time what fucking planet do you live on ?

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