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Roughhausen Mixes and... Posted by roughhausen (2010/3/28)
Serum Fantis, a Houston Texas ambient noize outfit has put the sophomore LP into the hands of RH for some sonic sprinkles...

Biographical : Can I Get a Side of Fuck Off with that?
Posted by roughhausen on 2011/4/27 11:10:00 (6080 reads) News by the same author

The following is almost verbatim, the exchange took place while I waiting in line at a bank. The gentleman in question was obviously some sort of Madison Ave Corp prick who had had an extended three martini lunch....

I hate your hair.

WTF? who are you talking to?

I am talking to you fucko.

Yea ok.

I donít like your hair.

What the fuck is your problem?

I donít like your hair.

Yea okÖ I donít like your suit, you are dressed like a poncey cunt, but do you hear me complaining?

I feeking kill you. Do you know who I am ? I could have you squashed like a maggot.

Do I know who you are? Yea I know... you are the fat drunk prick 20 years past his prime standing in line behind me ogling all the young women that work at the bank.

Do you want to step outside faggot?

Listen man I know you find me attractive that's ok, man just accept your gayness, their is no shame in being a bitch bottom boy, just accept your desires and stop trying to hide it with all this silly man stuff, you look foolish... like a sad fat little man with no lolli. Do you want something to suck?

Yelling now.... What the fuck did you say to me you fucking faggot?

wispers... I said your mother is a fucking whore and you sucked so much of your daddy's cock that it hurt your pea brain.

Screaminmg Now... i will fuccking kill you faggot.

At this point security rushed over and escorted him outside amidst much hubbub and shocked gawkers

When I got to the teller she said, "wow what was his problem hun?"

I smiled and quietly replied, "man I don't know some people are just crazy'....

I love people and their foibles.

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