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Roughhausen Mixes and... Posted by roughhausen (2010/3/28)
Serum Fantis, a Houston Texas ambient noize outfit has put the sophomore LP into the hands of RH for some sonic sprinkles...

Asshole of the Month : BItched slap sissy pants Perez HIlton
Posted by roughhausen on 2009/6/26 11:30:00 (4807 reads) News by the same author
Asshole of the Month

I have long detested this guy. He makes his living outing celebrities who want to keep their sexuality private or by talking shit about famous fuck ups and beautiful disasters... basically he makes a living cashing in and making nasty comments on other people's pain. Nice real nice life pal

So this piece of human garbage gets in a sissy fit with Will I am outside the Much Music awards in T.O. and the first word he goes for to insult the man is FAGGOT, is Will I am gay ? who gives a fuck.

Perez proved himself publicly to be a man willing to sling hate crime words when he gets punked and he got his ass kicked for doing so. Seriously after all the self aggrandizing and personal vendettas this fuck up goes for the hate crime. If it was will I am or any other celeb screaming fuck you faggot how would this play out?

This bitter mean spirited little man somehow managed to get famous by being a bitter old queen and talking shit about famous people and their children, are we so fucked up we tolerate selfish pricks because the like to draw funny pics on celebrity faces?

There have been many famous queens in the entertainment who made a living making snide comments and witty retorts at the expense of others: Paul Lynde, Rip Taylor, jesus even Truman Capote eventually just became the witty jaded party Queen, but those people did it with wit and style and talent. Camp is not easy to pull off nor is making comments about other people's fuck ups, but if you are talented enough smart enough and funny enough you can.

This prick draws cocks on pictures and talks about people's children....

What did he think was going to happen?

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2009/6/26 11:55  Updated: 2009/6/26 11:55
Joined: 2006/7/14
From: the free clinic
Posts: 1307
 Re: BItched slap sissy pants Perez HIlton
Posted: 2009/6/26 15:15  Updated: 2009/6/26 15:18
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: USSA
Posts: 810
 Re: BItched slap sissy pants Perez HIlton
This asshole shouldn't be news. He should be in bed whacking off and crying for mommy. Why in God's name are fuckheads like this able to make a living?
Posted: 2009/6/27 4:50  Updated: 2009/6/27 4:50
Joined: 2006/8/19
From: Cascadia
Posts: 115
 Re: BItched slap sissy pants Perez HIlton
Interesting story - I don't follow, or care about, either party.

Perez Hilton isn't even on my radar, but to spend one's life so occupied is simultaneously sad and laughable.

What I found interesting is the idea that being called a faggot is so intolerable that assaulting someone in response is considered understandable and then condoned.

It continually amazes me that so many are unable to differentiate the truly important from the ephemeral. Perez Hilton, TMZ and People magazine - for this we learn to read?

I need a drink

Posted: 2009/6/27 10:15  Updated: 2009/6/27 10:15
Joined: 2006/7/18
From: USSA
Posts: 810
 Re: BItched slap sissy pants Perez HIlton
so many are unable to differentiate the truly important from the ephemeral

Such as the US Congress, who took a moment of silence for Michael Jackson.
Posted: 2009/6/28 13:17  Updated: 2009/6/28 13:17
Joined: 2006/7/14
From: the free clinic
Posts: 1307
 Re: BItched slap sissy pants Perez HIlton
It is called the art of misdirection.....

if I wave my arm over here you stop watching what I am doing with my other hand.

Sports, TV, all the consumer crap that fills our daily life serves to fill the void left by our fractured relationships with GOd/nature/oden whatever you call yours, our lack of social conscience, the secret guilt that gnaws away at us is those quiet desperate moments before sleep steals us away to a better or worse existence....

all that shit serves to draw \our attention away from the puppet show that is politik and the constant raping of our system.

That being said some more than others deserve a place in that churning cauldron of shit we call pop culture...
Posted: 2009/6/28 19:01  Updated: 2009/6/28 19:01
Joined: 2009/2/2
Posts: 5
 Re: BItched slap sissy pants Perez HIlton
he was saying bad things about MJ as he was dying that is wrong
Posted: 2009/8/6 16:33  Updated: 2009/8/6 16:33
Joined: 2009/7/20
Posts: 4
 Re: BItched slap sissy pants Perez HIlton
fuck that fat cunt he deserves a serious beating just for being a fat loud mouthed cunt who makes money for talking shit
Posted: 2009/11/11 13:46  Updated: 2009/11/14 15:18
 Re: BItched slap sissy pants Perez HIlton
i hope he chokes on some cock and dies
Posted: 2010/7/8 14:51  Updated: 2010/7/8 16:11
Joined: 2010/7/6
Posts: 3
I fucking hate this prick he is a fucking pimple on the ass of america
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