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R O U G H H A U S E N • E l e c t r o • P o w e r N o i z e • G o t h i c • D&B • I n d u s t r i a l H o u s e • E B M • •The project Roughhausen was born out of a series of late night, drug fueled, sonic atrocities against man and God in the bowels of the Subconscious Studio complexes. Those sessions eventually became the material found on the First Roughhausen release, Defenestrated. Addiction, madness, withdrawal and death marred the next few Read More


fucking hate ignorance
  • Mission: Mindfuking crazy bitches
  • Location: a free clinic near you
  • Destination: Your mom's house
  • Origin: chemical
  • Modus Operendi: offending hypocrites
  • History: Musician
  • Philosophy: Voltarian
  • Electronics: Analogue & Digital
  • Medium: Audio, video
  • Ethnics: Liberty
  • Nationality:Canadian
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